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In the Course of Human Events

Dominic Angerame

(USA, 1997, 16 mm, 23:00)

Like the film ‘Line of fire’ which is an item in the programme Flashback, ‘In the Course of Human Events’ is also part of a series of five films by Dominic Angerame, titled ‘A Cily Symphony’. This series is an hommage to avantgarde film makers of the twenties and thirties who have had an influence on Angerame. The films revolve around the incessant cycle of construction and demolition of modern structures in the urban environment. The demolition of the Embarcedero Freeway, which was irreparably damaged in the 1989 earthquake, is the subject of this film. Black and white images of machines with a passion for destruction amid chunks of concrete and confusing tangles of steel reinforcing cables, create a post-apocalyptic atmosphere.


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