Part of Body Politics


Nelson Henricks 

(Canada, 1997, video, 11:55)

Flawless close-ups at a well-proportioned mole body seem to announce an advertisement far a law-fat, high protest dessert In fact, as becomes apparent from the equally lucid voice-over, Crush is expressing his desire for on ultimate term of freedom. ‘I want to be anonymous and interchangeable with my member of my species; I want the ‘I’ to disappear.” Losing a few kilograms is the first step to achieving this goal. Then the whole day has to be spent in a swimming pool. The limitations of the body slowly dissolve, as does the concept of tine Memories fade. ‘When I’m free of the past, I’ll be free of my duty for the future.” This reverse evolution concludes when even language itself, his last human faculty, disappears.


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