Part of Body Politics

Video Violence

Peter Bogers

(The Netherlands, 1997, video, 12:00)

A series of very short fragments taken from violent scenes in feature films and television dramas that mark time in this work through the use of the ‘scratch’ technique. As the scenes don’t move slowly, like the ‘scratch’ videos of Rapael Montanez Ortiz, it remains uncertain what the reasons for the fights or shoot-outs might have been, so each fragment must be considered in its own right. Isolated in this way, they embody the senseless violence which currently attracts so much indignation. It Is remarkable how an almost endless stream of these kind of images con stultify people in a very short time. This can also be attributed to the mechanical rhythm which is produced by the rapid repetition of punches, falls and bloody shoot-outs in this cadenza which somehow has a sinister allure. After some initial resistance you realise there is no escape. Fortunately Bogers challenges this pessimistic feeling by unexpectedly revealing the original context of the last fragment he uses.


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