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Tänään (Today)

Eija-Liisa Ahtila

(Finland, 1997,35 mm, 9:26)

If your father never cries, becouse be never does anything at all, then it certainly comes as a great surpnse to discover him wearing clothes completely drenched with his own incessant tears. His sadness is due to the death at his own father, who hid in a shadow, finally succumbing to what he sought – death. Not even the daughter, bouncing a ball, can tell hem apart any more. Nor does she know what their respective ages may be. Regardless of how linear human life may seem to be, its erratic nature is made very apparent in ‘Tänään’. It is very clear that life is hard to cope with in the stage between childhood and old age. There’s more: Finnish sadness expresses itself in many more shades than a drab grey.


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