Part of Oblivion

Man Nehme, (1-6)

Karola Schlegelmilch

(Germany, 1998, 16 mm, 13:00)

Time is the common factor in this loosely bound trilogy. The first part details the eclipse of the sun on 12 October 1996. Schlegelmilch recorded the precise moment when all three planets formed a straight line and then frames it with images of street clocks and a city bus, which she slows down and speeds up, showing the perceptible passage of time. Part 2 is clearly cyclic intended. It is constructed from repetitive scenes, filmed in parodisical castle grounds – children stand in a ring, talking to each other, a dog bites continually at the jet of water from a lawn-sprayer. These are scenes which seem to exist in a time capsule. The last part focuses on the way tourists experience time on the Piazza degli Uffizi in Florence. The endlessly waiting queue in front of a building turns into a swarming mass. And of course, with the click of a camera, time is made to stand completely still.


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