Part of Observation

Im Gegensatz zu hüpfen, hopsen

Markus Strieder en Christian von Borries

(Germany, 1996, video, 11:00)

Here, found footage is combined together in a compelling structure which intensifies the acts of looking and listening. A red dot from a laser beam is projected onto the center of an old flickering film of a pair of show-riders. The two equestrians glide and orbit around the red dot as though magnetically attracted to it. The soundtrack is composed of ‘blossoming’ modern classical music, which sounds almost like an overture. It is only when the film has ended and all that remains on the screen is the red laser dot that strieder and von Borries, in a truly deconstructivist move, start a piano waltz by Brahms. However, perhaps there really were problems with the synchronisation, considering the tv-snow accompanies the closing tune and the credits.


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