Political Games


14 May 1998
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
15 May 1998
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

The patronizing attitudes of government are given a once over in Political Games. Hypocritical policies are dealt a hard blow with stroboscopic images of violence and other unmistakable footage. How politically correcr is it, however, to exhibit the human side of the most monstrous despots of this century?

Can Dialectics Break Bricks?, Keith Sanborn (US, 1995, video, 5:00)
The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility, Keith Sanborn (US, 1996, video, 6:00)
Highway 59, Daniel Suljic (Austria, 1996, video, 2:30)
FBI-Warning, Lisa Di Lillio (US, 1996, video, 2:00)
Hooray, The Economy Is Booming, Mark O’Connell (US, 1997, video, 3:30)
Still Life, Yann Beauvais (France, 1997, video, 12:24)
Screen Copy, Vadim Checkorsky en Miroslav Kulchitsky (Ukraine, 1997, video, 2:36)
Asthma, Martha Colburn (US, 1995, video, 2:23)
Cowboys Were Not Nice people, Larry Kless (US, 1990, 16 mm, 8:00)
Human Remains, Jay Rosenblatt (US, 1997, 16 mm, 30:00)

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