Part of Reality Transformed


Gunter Krüger

(Germany, 1997, video, 4:30)

Krüger, working as BK-FO-GUNX has been searching for a while for the ways in which the deluge of information on television might be compressed and presented in highly concentrated doses to viewers with no time to spare. He used a camera obscura to record the ZDF broadcast of 1 May 1997 in 1440 seperate frames – as many minutes as there are in a day. In this way modern, busy citizens who might wish to remain fully informed can consume a full day’s worth of television in netween two blinks of an eye. Fortunately Krüger introduces and ends the video with short summaries of the contents of the various programmes, as much in unrecognisable in the hurtling series of images. Half-figures and indistinct heads lurch out or the chaos, like the apparitions on paranormal photographs. The highly entertaining sountrack of crackles, creaks and squeals sounds like the musical score for a cartoon.


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