Bang the Inside

13 May 1998

Location: TivoliVredenburg

Harry de Wit (composition and music), Norbert Mannaert (samples), Elise Lorraine (vocals), Desiree Delauney (dance and vocals) and Danielle Kwaaitaal (VJ)

The Impakt Festival 1998 opens with the preformance Bang the Inside by Harry de Wit. This is an ambient-theatre project in which music, dance and visual art are combined live on stage. The unifying theme between these disciplines are poems by American author James Purdy, which are about the desire for love and sex, from the perspective from someone who cannot live without the bustle and loneliness of the city. The emotions of Purdy’s world are reproduced in an interplay of song, dance, electronic music, and scratching. The performers act and respond to one other like impassioned lovers, who are totally fascinated with each other, but at the same time do not want to lose touch with themselves. Recordings of Purdy reading his texts are also included. The visual effect of the performance is augmented with live footage and computer animations of different parts of the human body.

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