De/Re-Constructing Pornography 1

Pornography #1

13 May 1998
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
17 May 1998
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

How are pornographic images used in art? In this program, various artists and guest curators give their views on this theme. Under the title ‘De / Re Constructing Pornography, William Wees addresses the question of whether it is possible to reuse pornographic images without preserving the same voyeuristic charge and sexist stereotypes as in the original sex film.

Keep Bright the Devil’s Doorknobs, Richard Beveridge (US, 1978, 16 mm, 5:00)
A sardonic commentary on images of sex – from popular magazine ads to hetero/homo/lesbian porn films.

The Dog Star Man Has a Too Big Flaming Cock for the Sheba Queen, Frédéric Charpentier (France, 1991, 16 mm, 24:00)
A few hard core images are softened, aestheticized and partially effaced ny painting, bleaching and special optical effects.

Purple Pirate Blues, Kon Petrochuk (US, 1985, video, 25:00)
Hand-processing, re-photography, looping and videographic manipulation of old “girlie” flicks and contemporary hard core porn.

Ecce Homo, Jerry Tartaglia (US, 1989, 16 mm, 7:00)
A meditation on homophobia, power and desire accompanied by a collage/mosaic of images from Hean Genet’s Chant d’Amour and gay porn films.

Blue Movie, Mark Street (US, 1994, 16 mm, 4:00)
Hand-painting old porn footage makes the strip of film itself the principal object of fascination.

The Color of Love, Peggy Ahwesh (US, 1994, 16 mm, 10:00)
Re-photographed, re-framed and step-printed, a decomposing pornographic film is rescued and redeemed.

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