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La Queue Tigree d’un Chat Comme un Pendentif de Pare-Brise

Jean-Claude Bustros

(France, 1983-1989, 16 mm, 26:00)

It’s difficult to say what this film is about. I think it is the product of a lot of frustration. “Frustrohon at television, the media, film, politics, society, the economy, history – in short, just about everything. More than anything I had the desire to stop creating illusions.” (Jean-Claude Bustros)
While the subject of this film may not be totally clear, one thing is certain – and thats the extent to which a voice-over can totally change the meaning of the projected images. Disguised as a crash-course in film technique, the cynical Bustros uses this opportunity to undermine the best (and sometimes not so good) intentions of the film makers whose material he uses.


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