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Bruce Conner

(USA, 1963-1967, 16 mm, 13:00)

‘Report’ is Bruce Connor’s idiosyncratic adaptation of the attack on John F. Kennedy. He radically supersedes the usual conventions applied to the combination of image and sound and manages to create a muhitude of different layers of meaning. The commentary by the over-excited radio journalists is combined with the powerfully pulsating specks of light or silenced by images of the sedatety passing limousine. While the expectations of the viewers are frustrated in the first half of the film, the second half plays venomous attention to the ‘institution’ of John F. Kennedy, American consumerism and the country’s news media. Images of bull-fights provide a harsh counterpoint to the radio commentary about the (until then problem-free) presidential motorcade and the comments “the weather couldn’t be better, we have a brilliant sun up at this moment” are given a sinister, nuclear touch.


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