Mixed Media


Memory is the most important anchor of human existence. In contemporary art, architecture and philosophy, futuristic vistas are being sketched of a society in a constant state of impermanen­ce, with a nomadic population which is flexible in its lifestyle and environment, a population which has been freed of compulsory memory. In musical developments, on the other hand, sam­ples transport bits of a collective sonic memory to the present. Soundscapes can be seen as a cartography of memory. With the influence of new media, is there a new kind of interaction being created between human-memory, architecture and environment?
RE:collections is an associative program that takes place between memory and forgetting.

Third Site Paul Schutze (with Raoul Bjiirkenheim, Clive Bell, Simon Hopkins)

John Wall (with Mark Sanders, John Edwards)

Model Android Gen 2: Product Recall Kodwo Eshun

Bert Mulder

Willem van Weelden

Lars Spuybroek

La Jetee, Chris Marker (France, 1962, 16mm, 28:00)

Fissures Louise Bourque (Canada, 1999, 16mm, 2:00)

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