Picture Day Dwayne Moser (USA. 1998, video, 1:40)
Picture Day is a brief, deadpan parable about failing to live up to society’s expectations.

Gesprekken met (Conversations) Kuno Terwindt (The Netherlands, 1999, video, 6:oo)
At the 1996 edition of Amsterdam’s KunstRai art fair, Kuno Terwindt and Jeroen de Rijke conducted a series of inter­views with gallerists, visitors, and artists about the Rai itself, about the art on display, about the gallerists, and about art in general. Several of these interviews were reedited into short, amusing conversations, six of which will be screened throughout this program.

Cosmos Saskia Olde Wolbers (GB, 1998, video, 5:oo)
Olde Wolbers affixed a miniature camera onto a small remote control car and had it drive around in a scale model of a parking garage. Yet something strange is afoot with this garage. The bizarre story told by an employee of an international relationship agency, about a Russian woman who, with a bubble-bath sculpture, wanted to make an impression on an American gallerist, slowly makes the facts clear.

Spiritual Animal Kingdom Steve Reinke (Canada, 1998, video, 28:00) In a nimble and simultaneously irrepressible stream of images and texts, Reinke puts his preoccupations, obsessions and fantasies on parade. These anecdotes and outpourings, which cover physical and mental health, sexuality and identity, are held together by the down-to-earth tone. This intimacy is sometimes sensitive (a boy sits half-naked on the sofa, softly and rather hoarsely singing along with a nostalgic song) but more often hilarious (as when we hear Reinke practicing his ‘cartoon voices’ at every pitch). And what are we to make of “Doctor, what’s happening? I didn’t become an artist to have to work for a living!”

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing Sam Easterson (USA, 1998, video, 4:21)
A lively bit of reality TV for man and beast. But from whose perspective?

Another Another Bea de Visser (The Netherlands, 1999, 35 mm, 8:00)
Bea de Visser made this film in close collaboration with choreographer Rudi van Dantzig. Scenes in which van Dantzig works on the choreography alternate with footage that scans the space from a subjective perspective. Rarely have feet been so ‘tangibly’ depicted.

The Kiss John Smith & Ian Bourn (GB, 1999, video, 5:oo)
An unusual recording of the development of a hothouse flower which, it must be said, is lent a helping hand.


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