Full Moon Carsten Aschmann (Germany, 1998, video, 2:47)
Aschmann has made the perfect clip for his favorite music. Languid, sunny and a bit exotic – with a controlled and careful use of video effects, he brings his images (a waterfall, tattooed male buttocks, female legs in fishnet stockings, flowers, a curious horse’s nose) into harmony.

Slow Gin Soul Stallion Animal Charm (USA, 1998, video, 2:3o)
On first listening, it seems that the heavy music from this film seems to snub the sweet images, in spite of the association with a singing saw brought about by the vibrating high tones. It gradually becomes clear that it is precisely this un­usual combination of image and sound which allows you to experience the scenes of lambs in the meadow, flowers and galloping horses – scenes which otherwise would have a high kitsch or easy-listening content – as beautiful and pure.

Echo Valley Steve Reinke (Canada, 1998, video, 7:15)
In delicately presented blocks of text, the videomaker’s extremely personal convictions, musings and trifles appear in revue. Sex, social status, hate, love and the receipt for a peanut butter sandwich are the topics here. Wonderful pop songs and images of young people with their winsome activities compensate for the banal or razor-sharp self-relativization m the texts.

Saltwater (fragment) Christian Burns & Alex Ketley (USA, 1998, video, 5:oo)
A man who kicks away his suitcase forms the opening of an energetic, contemporary choreography for one dancer. The video was originally made as part of a multimedia project combining dance, live music and video projections, in which the struggle to keep your head above water in your own environment 1s the central theme. The man runs, falls, regains his footing, and then either seems in a complete mess or beams with joy.

I am Crazy and You’re not Wrong Anne McGuire (USA, 1997, video, 11:00)
McGuire convinces as a gala singer not because of her voice but because of a theatrical performance in which nostalgia, despair and humor blend into an ironic and oppressive self-portrait.

Synex and Yours Jeffrey Scher (USA, 1997, 16 mm, 3:oo)
Two singing sisters and two musical brothers, against the backdrop of colorful art, wallpaper and advertising posters. Scher combines a video clip from the 50s with all manner of cultural expressions from the same period, which leads to a fresh new result.

Psycho Attack over Soviets Dmitri Frolov (Russia, 1997, 16 mm, 3:oo)
A short film about the impact of psychedelic music on Russian youth in the post-perestrojka era.

DJ Q-Bert Syd Garon (USA, 1998, video, 4:00)
An over-the-top cartoon film accompanied by minimalist hip-hop. How does the hero save the girl from the claws of the monster? By scratching on the miniature turntable he wears around his wrist.

Nevermind Jennifer Reeder (USA, 1998, video, 17:17)
A young woman with headphones rocks her head to psychedelic noise. In this heavily transformed and slowed-down music, we struggle to recognize Nirvana’s ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’. An exasperatingly long recording, one which is sparsely interspersed with fragments from home movies which Reeder uses to heighten the sense of unrest and tedium that the song itself already expresses.



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