The Videogallery is a collaborative project between five international festivals: the European Media Arts Festival (Osnabruck, Germany), L’lmagine Leggera (Palermo, Italy), International Festival of New Film and Video (Split, Croatia), VIPER (Lucerne, Switzerland), and the lmpakt Festival.

The idea behind this collaboration is as follows: each festival chooses its best film and video works, which then leads to a selection of some 25 to 30 videos that are continually in circulation. Every year, the participating festivals replace their contributions with a new selection of highlights from their last program. Here, the emphasis is on national productions. In this way, a special collection of high­lights is created that covers all of Europe.


L’Hotel, Mark-Steffen Gowecke (Germany, 1996, 12:00)
Busby, Anna Henckel-Donnersmark (Germany, 1996/97, 3:00)
NY-The Lost Civilization, Dylan McNeil (USA, 1997, 18:00)
No Sunshine, Bjorn Melhus (Germany, 1997, 6:15)
Wo Sheimpflug wohnt, Christian Frisch (Germany, 1997, 4:20)

A Box of his Own, Yudi Sewrai (Canada, 1997, 20:00)
What Farocki Taught, Jill Godmilow (USA, 1998, 30:00)
Nocturne, Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi (Italy, 1997, 18:00)
The Translators, John Zeppetelli (Canada, 1998, 40:30)

Steklu Reke (Riverglass), Andrej Zdravic (Slovenia, 1997, 40:00)
Survival Signs, Mounir Fatmi (Marocco, 1998, 12:30)
Ivan has no Need of TV, lvo Dekovic (Croatia, 1997, 10:00)
Divine Beings, Dan Oki (The Netherlands, 1997 /98, 28:50)

Bertha Moser-Metzler, Susanne Wallimann (Switzerland, 1997, 21:30)
Zuppa Tartaruga, Karin Gemperle (Switzerland, 1997, 5:50)
Couple, Hans-Peter Ammann (Switzerland, 1998, 11 :00)
Device, John Wood & Paul Harrison. (GB, 1996, 3:00)
Today, Eija-Liisa Athila (Finland, 1996/97, 10:00)
Dial H-1-S-T-O-R-Y, Johan Grimonprez (Belgium/France, 1997, 68:00)

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