Real/Not Real

Panorama 2: Music

A music program about the difference between perception and reality; A playful and inventive use of electronics gives rise to entirely new interpretations of existing (acoustic) genres, thereby allowing electronica, for example, to push back the boundaries of Latin music. And is jazz made by the computer still jazz? English musician Robin Rimbaud, better known as Scanner, has compiled the program.


Real/Not Real 1 (11 May 2000)

Markus Schmickler (Cologne), Aka Pluramon, and Thomas Lehn make music in which electronic music’s digital and analogue domains come together. Dat Politics (Lille), with records on labels including Fat Cat and A-Musik, mixes experimental techno with noise and kitsch influences. With thanks to the Vloer. After the concert, de Vloer’s weekly dance night will take place.

Real/Not Real 2 (13 May 2000)

Ticklish (London) is a group that, by using sampled instruments, sounds like an improvising band. Burnt Friedman (Cologne), also known as Non Place and Nu Dub Players, makes digital music that he calls “cuban grooves”. Afterwards IMPAKT party with Los and Tivoli.

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