Panorama 1: New Media

From enormous availability of art sites and CD-Rom, IMPAKT has made a broad, high-quality selection. Airworld, for example, is a self-developed engine that plucks pompous language from corporate homepages and knits it together to form an indoctrinating advertising text for a fictive company. A compilation site, with links to countless interesting art projects, offers a welcome alternative to the usual commercial link sites. No garish banners here, but instead a well-considered, clearly designed interface. A remarkable part of the selection is formed by five CD-Roms that investigate the possibilities of image-sound interfaces. The navigational layout allows music to be created in an interplay with the technology. This design also allows the sense of play to become much more free and exciting than it would be on a keyboard.


…/karoushi, Skot/Dextro/Monoscope/Lia/N:ja/MVD/Maia
Gage, David A. Clark
The Geomet, Neil Coombs
Nine Optical Toys, Karel Doing & Pierre Bastien
Type in New Media, Akiem Helmling
City of Dead Poets, Chiho Hoshino
Soundtoys, Tonne+Scanner
Simpel Gevaar, Reinaart Vanhoe


The IMPAKT-Selection is part of the P1 New Media. Check out the rest here: Inside Out, Inside Out

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