Inside Out

Panorama 1: New Media

New technologies have brought about sweeping changes in the human body. Prostheses, facelifts, sex change operations, and implantations continue to bring the notion of the man-machine closer to us. Up until now, representations of the body have primarily addressed the consequences for one’s appearance. The four interactive projects in Inside Out confront the audience with the “interior” of the body. They critically but also humorously speak to the consequences of (bio)technology for the physical being, and raise questions about the contemporary relationship between body and identity. The exhibition, compiled by Deanna Herst of AXIS, is placed in cellars from the 16th century in Observatory Sonnenborgh.

Inside Out consists of a website and three CD-Roms, that have their Dutch premiere:

In My Gash, Linda Dement (Australia, 1999, CD-Rom)
Internal Organs of a Cyborg, Jane Prophet (UK, 1999, CD-Rom)
Lumpcd, Patricia Piccinini & Peter Hennessey (Australia, 1999, CD-Rom)
Flesh and Blood, Mouchette (Netherlands, 2000, website:

Inside Out is a part of the P1 New Media. Check out the other two panoramas here: Inside Out, IMPAKT-Selection

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