Subterfuge 1 - Deception By Artifice Or Stratagem

Panorama 5: Performances

Four artists from New York will sneak out of the regular program and pop up at many different locations during the festival. The performances will fur- ther develop over the course of the festival in an interplay with the audience, Every project contains an element of deception (subterfuge) and invites the onlooker to immerse his imagination in disbelief. Curator of the program is Alix Pearlstein.

In Laura Stein’s Aim To Please, festival visitors are asked a deceptively simple question, with the request that they not tell it to anyone else. Only their answers are filmed and screened during the festival in a tent in front of the Brandweerkazerne.

In the guise of Baby Ikki, a simultaneously amusing and disturbing apparition, Michael Smith confronts the visitor with a demand for mutual trust.

Alix Lambert takes expectations regarding fiction and documentary and turns them on their head. During the festival, she’ll be recording footage for her film Platipussy (a mock rockumentary), fragments of which will be inserted into the normally scheduled screenings.

And disguised as her father, Claude Wampler will give a “reading” about her work: an investigation into identity, authenticity, and what it means to be judged.

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