City Versus Countryside

Panorama 4: Film & Video

11 May 2000
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
22:00 - 00:00
14 May 2000
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
16:00 - 18:00

The urban and the rural compete for beauty: a pearly white tile wall versus a painterly dock. Yet here it seems to be a case of a love-hate relationship with one’s own habitat. In a vision, the urbanite imagines the Getty Center, a symbol of urban civilization, floating away in El Niño’s tidal waves. And the filmmaker in the provinces makes a frenetic and deranged portrait of his fellow locals.

A City Remix, Kurt D’Haeseleer (Belgium, 1999, video, 21min)
My Getty Center, Judy Fiskin (USA, 1999, video, 17min)
Porter Springs 4, Henry Hills (USA, 1999, 16mm, 15min)
From Lilac To Blue, Lydia Schooten (Netherlands, 1999, video, 28min)

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