Tragedy of Time

Panorama 4: Film & Video

12 May 2000
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
20:00 - 21:30
13 April 2021
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
22:00 - 23:30

Looking back on the occasion of a beautiful, richly-filled family album, nostalgic letters, and poetic diary fragments, but also interviews with the traumatized sisters about a major nuisance. A puppy that’s allowed to look for grandpa in the home for the elderly, and the stone cold sober lessons of a female flight instructor supply the laughs amongst the tears.

Het Huis In De Wei, Mariska van Gelder (Netherlands, 1998, 16mm, 10min)
Michtavim (The Letters), Viacheslav Lesov (Israel, 1999, video, 8min)
J’espère Que Vous Allez Bien, Boris van der Avoort (Belgium, 1998, video, 14min)
Boo To The Goose, Mark Simon Hewis (UK, 1999, video, 9min)
My Models Fly Better, Marten Winters (Netherlands, 2000, video, 30min)

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