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With the album “Additional Productions”, Funkstörung broke through to a larger audience, no doubt partly due to the fact that the album contains remixes of Björk and Wu-Tang Clan. Inspired by the electronic experiments of groups like Autechre and Apex Tin, the group combines electronic rhythms and biting sounds with undulating bass loops and chopped-up hip-hop beats. Yet under the wave of sound effects, a groove can always be detected. Alongside many experimental sound adventures, the group also does many remixes. Or, more precisely, they reconstruct existing songs from scratch using electronic techno and hip-hop as their dfoundation. Yet unlike some of they predecessors, Funkstörung always manages to sound at once clinical and futuristic as well as warm and soulful. In addition to the performance, Funkstörung member. Chris da Luca. will also do a DJ set featuring provocative hip-hop.


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