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Christoph Draeger and Reynold Reynolds

Apocalypso Place - mixed media environment

The work of Swiss artist Christoph Draeger falls into two categories. On one hand in his interest in Hollywood films, and on the other his obsession with disasters and catastrophes. Draeger’s most complex work “Apocalypso Palace” falls into the latter category. Draeger is interested in how people deal with catastrophes, disasters of natural or man-made origin, and in the meaninglessness of this distinction when the disaster actually occurs. For Draeger, a disaster is primarily a situation in which people and their actions can change radically. Draeger’s installation here consists of a hurricane-ravaged living room, in which a television is playing American broadcaster SNBC’s “24-hour Disaster and Survival Channel”. Three “survivors” of the disaster talk exclusively in advertising slogans and media one-liners, trying to keep afloat with old patterns, illusions and false truths.


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