PANORAMA Film and Video

2 October 2001
— 7 October 2001

This year Panorama Film and Video is divided. into 15 programs with short films and videos. All the. works have been divided based on Curren topics. The programs will be shown in the cinema of the Centraal Museum, in a specially designed lounge within the museum. From Wednesday to Saturday, an open-air projection will be provided from the KINOmobile, a specially designed caravan in the garden of the Central Museum. The screenings will all begin at 20:00. Snacks and drink will also be served from the KINOmobile.  Before and after the screenings, records will also be spun. Your hosts Kees Brienen and. André Noorda guarantee some good old camping entertainment. In addition, a videotheque has been set up in the museum, where special titles from the festival program can be viewed individually. As an extra programming Sami Martin Saif’s documentary “The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez” will be shown in the cinema.

A Long and Winding Road

Videos and films about traveling, moving, unknown places and a view of the outside world as seen from a car window. Lean back and let yourself be carried down windy roads, towards exotic destinations. Yet no matter how adventurous and attractive travel may seem, unexpected things can happen on the way, sometimes before you’ve even left. Here is a program that addresses the longing to leave everything behind and look for adventure, yet also the familiar fears of the unknown and the difficulties of travel itself.

Rewind [n:ja]

May Way Peter Westenberg

Driving Dan geese.

13 Paashazen Helmut Dick

Combi-Accion-Papel Juan Diego Vergara Ormeno

GT-Granturismo Gunther and Loredana Selichar

Wandertrieb  Janneke Küpfer

Du Moteur à explosion/ Full throttle engine component Dominic Gagnon


About collective and personal memory and the phenomena of time. In this block of videos, ingenious attempts are made (sometimes against better judgement) to bring time to a standstill, turn it backwards, or otherwise manipulate it. Making use of found footage, artists make an appeal to collective memory. Other works address the more formal qualities of memory, for example in a hypnotic variant of the memory game. And sometimes melancholy and anguish set the tone, for example when red chewing gum can invoke lost love.

Fragmenten Uit Het Huis Mevr. Mihai Vava Stojadinovic

Red Chewing Gum Akram Zaatari

King of the Jews Jay Rosenblatt

Going back Home  Louise Bourque

Et Le Cochon Fut Né Julius Ziz

Stereo: 30 drones for television #0 Cane CapoVolto

The Back Steps  Leighton Pierce


Music videos and videos about music: a varied compilation of short productions in which rock music and the interaction between sound and image are the focal points, from likeable do-it-yourself products to complex, processed computer video. Some works are about the pure relationship between music and image, in which each strengthens and supplements the other. Other videos are short statements that comment upon lyrics, certain lifestyles and childhood memories.

Viv Gunzie David Haines

God Save theQueen Vedova Mazzei

Advice Tony Cokes

Another Tribute to the Sex Pistols Pedro

Comunista Jim Finn

Female Clouds Ivan Civic

Bumble Bee Dan Geesin

Most Beautiful Girl Jimhan Ko

Recruitment Video Ann Course and Paul Clark

Blue Squirrel Dan Geesin

Highway of Crime Eliane Schott

Big Dog Dan Geesin

Endeka D-Fuse

Bouncing Dan Geesin

Danse Macabre. Persijn Broersen and Raymond. Taudin Chabot

Twee Einden Dan Geesin

In my Slipstream Angela Hanke-Wahls

The Girl from Ianema – the Chinese version Manfred Pollert & Die angefahrenen Schulkinder


Analogous to what is happening within all the disciplines, the practitioners of the seventh art enjoy referring and reacting to film history. This often leads to odes to idolised cineastes or the expression of a personal vision on our cinematic legacy. Sometimes the result is fun without pretentions in the intentionally clumsy remake of a hit movie. Alongside the actress who does her best to give an imperfect imitation of Robert De Niro is the man who, in spite of himself, succeeds in truly becoming Robert Vaughn. And in contrast to the films that announce themselves with so much bravura without ever wanting to get off the ground, there are the found films which disappear due to treatment by their new owners.

Flesh Eaters Joep van Liefland

Now I am Yours Matt Hulse

Shudder (top and bottom) Michael Gitlin

Titanic Pedro

(W)hole T(r)ou Frédérique Devaux

Kein Film/ No Film Michael Brynntrup

Blackout Michael Maziere

New Antic Semiconductor

Next Generation (Vanishing point) Harald Busch

Even Lovers Have Still Lives Katherine L. Burdette

Betty Talks Anita di Bianco

Il Magnifico Sette Paolo Pisanelli

Black Box 2.1.003, 2.2.013 and 2.1.008 Matthias Fitz and Gunter Krüger


The. dominant presence of television provokes resistance from many artists. In their work, they react to a media that’s ruled by commerce and formulas. Subversive to a media that’s ruled by commerce and formulas. Subversive montages and satirical imitations are the methods employed here, yet following in the shoes of detested predecessors turns out to be a bit more difficult than assumed: cut! Take twenty…

Parabol FLora Watzal

Candide John Davis

Sex, Love & Kung Fu. Kip Fulbeck

Special Report Bryan Boyce

Triumf Seth Price


The artists in this program opt for a more spatial. approach in order to tell their stories.  For the creation of tension, conflicts, and opportunities for identification, a compulsory timeline isn’t necessary.  This leads to the viewer being taken through film and video spaces, as well as environments and atmospheres,  enabling him to expose the “real” stories that may be lurking here, or even surrendering himself completely to the world. he discovers here on his own.

In Absentia The Brothers Quay

Z.T. Joechem Tames

Monstruos Gurus Rubén Gutiérrez

15.000.000 Parachutes Sebastian Diaz Morales

Mudchute Owen Oppenheimer


Daily operations shows the wonder and absurdity of the everyday. In these works, the world is observed up-close under a magnifying glass. We are witnesses to a personal outpouring, and find ourselves amazed by unexpected absurdity in familiar situations. In the process, the artists often direct themselves towards the audience. From video diaries, via a surreal ride in a tram, to the beauty of the imperfect and melting chairs in the garden.

Eine Kurztrecke (A short ride) Jeroen Koiijmans

Gezocht Pia Wergius

Sad Disco Fantasia Steve Reinke

Message to my Best Friend Alan Currall

Amsterdam Camera Vacation Steve. Reinke

Voorbereidingen Tot Luisteren Guido Rainier van troost

Ligth My Fire Pedro

16 minutes lost Phyllis Baldino

Experience Stephanie Hamaide

Being Fucked Up Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby

Zondagmiddag Helmut Dick and Ruben Bellinkx


Expressing national and/or ethnic identities in art is seen as rather problematic. Film and video as a display of national emblems or controversial ideologies reeks of dubious propaganda. Yet in these videos, the communist battle song and fascistic telephone terror don’t directly lead to manipulative media documents. Nor do the artists intend simply to ridicule a given nation’s pathos. Instead it seems what they want to get across is that there’s a whole spectrum of national majesty between xenophobia and folklore.

More Lost Than Gained Effie and Amir

El Güero Jim Finn

Cure Killu Sukmit and Mari Laanemets

Gruss Gott Östereich Bernadette Huber

Cold Mind, Hot Heart and Clean Hands Stefan Rusu

Droomjagers Kostana Banovic

The Name of the Game Aleksandar Karisik and Dragan Zivancevic

Sweet of Spicy? Kip Fulbeck

Macau Handover Hanspeter Ammann

Que Lindos Son Tus Ojos Alvaro Zavala


The poetically attractive power of science can undoubtedly produce wonderful art. Genetic technology, quantum mechanics, brain scans, and imaginary experiments lead in this block to breathtaking journeys through mental and video spaces. Where science is limited by the shackles of objectivity, art can more freely of rules and laws. “This is the way true poets create and then understand…sometimes” (H. Michaux)

Ich Bin 33 Jan Peters

Ascii Alphabet Dorion Berg

The 100th Undone Jacqueline Goss

5 Minute Break Kristin Lucas

N+1 and the Revolution of 3, Or how intelligence became artificial: Functional intelligence Guido Rainier van Troost

Involuntary Reception Kristin Lucas

Csoda Pòk panOptic

Planetarium Nelson Henricks


Cameras and art seem easily able to open doors to places that are otherwise difficult to reach. These two phenomena allow the audience to take part instantly in a virtual (though secret) ritual of suicides. Obscure old men assume ugly poses, as the onlooker is witness to the kindness of passerby who gratify an Asian filmmaker with a French kiss. Shameless attention to intimate experiences can sometimes lead to painful spectacles and unexpected beauty. Yet if fear of the borders between the ethical and unethical, the public and the private, had made these filmmakers reluctant to create these films, then these events would probably have remained a secret to us forever.

Vital X: Kissing Project 1999-2001 Yoshie Suzuki

PDOA Public Display of Affection Guillaume Graux

Schattengrenze Gunter Deller

I Win! Chris Bors

Wrap Donigan Cumming

The Dutch Act Fred Pelon


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