PANORAMA loops loops

2 October 2001
— 7 October 2001

Location: PANORAMA loops loops

On monitors in the refectory and in the hallways of the Central Museum, “loops” (i.e continually repeating or slowly changing short films) will be screened everyday. Paintings in slow-motion, or snakes that bite their own tails.

Persijn Broersen – Wallpaper 10

Alan Currall – Rules for a Paradise on Earth

Harco Haagsma – Autocam #5

Adam Leech – Do you Love Me

Margit Lukacs – Vallen 2001

Alberto de Michele – Not Title

Hester Scheurwater – Jump

Scott Stark – Angel Beach

Martin Takken – RGB

Richard Treffers – Terrestrial Rotation

Andrei Zaitsev – My Home

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