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In her video work, Annika Larsson focuses on subtle behaviours between men in which their mutual (power) relationships are expressed or sealed. She isolates these behaviours in her installations and films, creating an abstract and plotless story line. Larsson’s method of filming doesn’t convey a story, but instead sets an atmosphere of cold tension and repressed eroticism. In Annika Larsson’s newest installation, the purebred dog is on display as a symbol of distinction. An older and a younger man move vaguely in an indeterminate space. A dog that appears functions as a catalyst in the game that then begins. Sinister airs and military music by Strauss accompany the interaction between the three. In a sultry atmosphere of humiliation and sensuality, Larsson alludes to relationships between independence, power and love. “Dog”, Annika Larsson won the Baloise Art Prize at Art 32 in Basel.


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