Jasper de Haan (The Netherlands)

According to authors such as Anthony Vidler and Arie Graafland, the only aesthetic category that really matters is the sublime.

In Kant and especially Burke, sublime experience is usually brought about by great natural phenomena like a terrible thunderstorm, a gigantic tidal wave or big gales. Another natural phenomenon that creates this experience is felt when on a cloudy day the water on the horizon of the Wadden Sea has the exact same color as the skies above, causing the horizon to vanish completely. This quadratic agoraphobia formed the inspiration for Jasper de Haan’s Darkroom. When the light goes off, the phosphoric walls, floor and ceiling give the impression of weightlessness and the exact boundaries of the space become blurred. At the same time, one cannot escape associations with Hiroshima when you walk away from your own shadow that has been radioactively captured for one on/off cycle.


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