Panel Discussion


3 November 2002

Location: Het Utrechts Archief

The current “revolution” in electronic music is often attributed to a small handfull of user-friendly consumer music software packages.

While these applications can turn anyone’s bedroom into a recording studio, they can also carry a “signature sound” which makes them easily recognizable in the music they make. In this couch club, we ask two creators of software, IXI software and Janoschek & Schloemer, and two users of software, Greg Davies and Keith Fullerton Whitman (aka Hrvatski), to discuss who REALLY makes the music–the musician or the programmer?

Guests: Greg Davis & Hrvatski, Janoschek &
Schloemer, IXI Software (Thor Magnussen)

Couch.master: Derek Holzer


Photographer: Pieter Kers;

Website by HOAX Amsterdam