Panel Discussion


31 October 2002

Location: Het Utrechts Archief

Art often deals with highly personal feelings.
Usually, the artist’s feelings are the main focus
for a work of art, but sometimes the artist
also uses experiences and confessions of
others as the starting point.

This brings together three artists that penetrate the personal environment of others or, at the other end of the spectrum, that shamelessly flaunt their own lives. Masquerades, exhibitionism, tragedy and loneliness succeed each other. We become part of the most intimate feelings and are sometimes even allowed to literally look over the other person’s shoulder and into the other person’s mind. What are the strategies used by these artists to approach their subject and create an atmosphere of openness? And what is their aim? What is the influence of the personal relation between the artist and the subject? And when does such work rise above common voyeurism? And what happens when the spectator becomes the subject of observation?

Guests: Julika Rudelius and David Still and others.

Couch.master: Ine Poppe


Photographer: Pieter Kers;

Website by HOAX Amsterdam