35mm / 55:00:00 / Finland / 2002

30 October 2002
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt
2 November 2002
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt
3 November 2002
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt

Premiering at the IMPAKT Festival: the latest film by Finnish artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Love is a Treasure.

The film consists of five stories which all focus on a young woman suffering from a neurosis or psychosis and it thereby explores their wild runaway imaginations. In Underworld‚ a woman hides in a safe place under her bed, the only safe place to hide from murderers. She is prepared for the worst, except if they turn over the bed. Luckily, they usually don’t have time to do that. In Ground Control‚ a young woman has had contact with UFOs since she was little because she has a gift which allows her to communicate with them. Flickering lampposts are a sign that the UFOs are coming and so the woman lies down on the ground in anticipation. The Bridge is about a woman who is scared of crossing bridges. She remembers her father walking into her room and getting into bed with her. With each step she takes on the bridge she hears her father’s footsteps. The Wind is a depiction of a young woman living through psychosis. Traumatised in her childhood, she accepts reality not as it is, but in a psychosis she ends that reality. The House is about a woman who can hear sounds from other locations. She hides away from the images by hanging black drapes so that she can be at the place the sounds originate from.
These stories, which are based on research and interviews, but which have been turned into fiction by means of free association, are told in beautiful, filmic images. The psychiatric conditions of all these women are depicted in an almost surrealist and sometimes comical manner. Love is a Treasure may definitely be considered the must see of this festival.

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