video / 01:15:00 / Canada / 2002

30 October 2002
Location: Het Utrechts Archief
1 November 2002
Location: Het Utrechts Archief
2 November 2002
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

How the IMPAKT Festival can lead to beauty: one of the preceding festivals occasioned the making of this film by Mike Hoolboom who together with his cameraman Caspar Stracke has decided to create Tom.

Tom is an experimental, biopic on Mike Hoolboom’s friend Tom Chomont, a film and video artist who lives and works in New York. Tom tells us, sometimes with difficulty and emotion, about the bizarre events in his life, particularly his youth. Tom’s stories include his mother marrying a gangster, infanticide, incest, his brother, his brother’s death, tales of film and death. But the film also covers his current experiences living – as he does – with HIV and Parkinson. As Tom relates his stories, a deluge of images pass by. The film material was culled from the earliest films right the way through to recent Hollywood films and has been uniquely edited into a new whole. Often with wry humour, the images illustrate Tom’s stories. A beautiful, personal and sometimes endearing portrait, not only of Tom himself, but also of cinema in general.

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