It's happening again: Fashion Music Politics

The exhibition featured at IMPAKT Festival 2003 is fully centred around the theme “It’s happening again: Fashion Music Politics”. By means of various installations artists express their opinions on CLOTHING, MUSIC and SOCIAL COMMITMENT. In addition the exhibition will feature projects open to visitors participation. For example, the artist’s collective ‘DE GEUZEN’ has set up a sewing and clothing studio in which visitors are invited to create their own works. In ‘Learning to Love You More’, a project by MIRANDA JULY and HARREL FLETCHER visitors are given simple but purifying assignments through their website. SOCIALFICTION.ORG invites visitors to take psycho-geographic walks through the city of Utrecht. The installation work featured in the ‘My Mind Is Your Emotions’ program forms a special part of the exhibition and includes a work by Prix de Rome winner 2003, JAMES BECKETT.


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