The IMPAKT Festival has created the to focus on the backgrounds of the program. It will feature short presentations by the artists and explanations of their ideas. The audience will be presented with ‘sneak previews’ of new work and get the chance to engage in discussions with the makers.

“Urban.Space/Data.Space” is the idea of mapping a physical space using information normally applied to other spaces [walking the streets of Utrecht using a map of Paris is one example, while surfing the streams of wireless security cameras is another] to gain fresh insight into one’s physical terrain. It can also be seen as a revolutionary method of restructuring reality and a means towards realizing social awareness and change. In this panel, Michelle Teran, Marc Tuters (GPSter) and Wilfried Houjebek (Social Fiction) will discuss the idea of psychonavigation, and show various ways of enacting it from the simple to the technologically complex.

Moderation: Derek Holzer
This is part of the Breaking Out of the Box  program


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