31 October 2004
20:00 — 22:00

Location: Theater Kikker
Main Hall

In 2000, the Japanese sound artist Ryoji lkeda opened the lMPAKT Festival with a concert on the Oudegracht. Now, four years later, he will provide the IMPAKT Festival with a fitting final in Theater Kikker. He uses ultrasonic frequencies and extreme volu­mes, which make his concerts pure sensorial experiences that are as delicate as they are physical. His new project C41, that will be premiered shortly before the festival in the Centre Pompidou, is a film and a concert in one. lkeda uses data , digits, numbers and other forms of information as building blocks and as the­matic starting points. C41 is a hypnotic quest for the relationship between the tangible physical reality and the way we translate the world into numbers and abs tract data. C41 has been commissioned by Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YC AM) and is produced by Forma.

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