29 October 2004
22:00 — 00:00

Location: Theater Kikker
Main Hall

(K-RAA-K)3 is the driving force behind and promoter of countless innovative musical initiatives. The organisation has brought some fresh air into the Belgian music scene and makes it easier for many experimental musicians to get exposure. in Theater Kikker, an eclectic cross section of the adventurous side of the Belgian music scene will await you. Dave Driesmans, the manager of the label, has invited four unique acts: de portables, Tuk & Kurt D’Haese leer, R.O.T. and Köhn.



In Belgium, de Portables have become something of a phenomenon. They have become known for their reluctance to repeat themselves and the few live performances they have given were full of antics, home-made videos and inside jokes. Their latest release, the album Girls Bewareı, with its rolling basses, playful guitars, crackling electronics and beautiful voices was well received. Critics compared their work with bands as Pinback, Gastr Del Sol and Notwisl.



Guillaume Graux (Tuk) first drew the attention of (K-RAA-K)3 with his film projects. Only later his musical side came to the fore. TUK’s music takes us on a frightening trip to a world somewhere between Pita and Fahey. Kurt D’Haeseleer received great praise recently for the installation S* CKMYP. This installation is based on a text by Peter Verhelst and a soundtrack by Köhn. Kurt D’Haeseleer is the one who does the visuals for Tuk.



R.O.T. is a Belgian collective consisting of a loosely defined group of people. The band is formed by members of Moysk, BenjaminFranklin, Toss, the Soft Cushions, Ysengrinus and Veglia records. R.O.T. aims at exploring sound and letting ‘free music’ triumph. They keep working with a broad selection of mainly acoustic sound sources.



A few months before the release of his fourth CD, Köhn presents his new work on the IMPAKT Festival. From the very beginning of Köhn , Jurgen De Blonde wanted to be more than just one of the many sound explorers and mixed his sound creations with a high dose of twisted pop music.

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