27 October 2004
21:00 — 23:00

Location: Theater Kikker
Main Hall


The German artist Thomas Köner has been collecting and manipulating images and sounds for fif­teen years now. For his new performance NUUK, he surfed the lnternet to collect more than 3000 webcam images of Greenland and the North of Finland. In the performance, he combines a selection of these images with enchanting sounds full of atmosphere. In doing his he is not trying to forge direct relations in which the image illustrates the sound or vice versa. Rather, he is looking for possible metaphors between the cinematographic space and the soundscape. In NUUK, Köner juxtaposes image and sound and takes the audience on a fantastic arctic trip.



Years ago, Aki Onda, an artist of Japanese origin, bought an old tape recorder on a flea market. Everywhere he went, he took the small thing, which was modelled as a walkman, along with him. Every now and then he pushed the record button. In this manner, he collected so many recordings that their storage became a problem . Onda began to use old tapes for new recordings and as the layers of sound piled up, bizarre collages of sound developed. In his performan­ces, Onda carries this process even further. With his equipment, he creates small loops or slows down some of the fragments. Extracts of reality swirl around and form all sorts of surprising combinations. Recognisable everyday sounds appear to fight each other in order not to drown in the gradually growing sonic chaos. In his concerts, On da explores the borders between a personal audio diary and the abstract beauty of sound.

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