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With digital means Kimonophonic processes field recordings, samples and acoustic sounds resulting in melodious and cheerful dance music. His works has much in common with The Books, Four Tet and Caribou.

RHYTHM & SOUND (Germany)
Under the name of Scion, Rene Löwe and Peter Kuschnereit have been exploring the borderlands between dub and techno since the beginning of the nineties. Their work stood at the basis of leading music labels like Chain Reaction and Basic Channel and the specialised record store Hardwax. In the past they also used the pseudonyms Vainquer and Substance a lot, but these days they
generally perform as Rhythm & Sound. Their latest album is a ‘one riddim’ album, containing ten vocal versions and one instrumental version of the See Mi Ya riddim. For each version, the riddim was arranged and mixed differently for this album, which hasn’t a dull moment as a consequence. Sublime dub and world class roots reggae!

Andreas Tillander is a Swedish click ’n’ cuts master who made albums for top labels like Raster Noton and Mille Plateaux. His latest album, entitled ‘Mokira’, is a fascinating excursion away from glitch beats towards ambient and post pop. At Impakt, he will bring powerful dub techno.

6955 (Japan)
6955 from Japan was one of the first to misuse his Gameboy as an instrument. The Gameboy Pocket Camera contained a small sub-game called DJ Mode for making small loops through a few channels. 6955 explains: “….the most important reason I use the GBCamera is because it’s so limited. I can’t work with complete freedom/control. I need limitations. It’s inspiring to see how far you can push something that wasn’t meant to be pushed.” Live on stage, 6955 brings very energetic dance music.

ALDEN TYRELL (The Netherlands)
The remix of the underground electro hit Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass by l-f meant Alden Tyrell’s breakthrough. In August 2005, he performed at the Lowlands festival. Now it’s Utrecht’s turn. Is it electro? Is it italo? On the VPRO program 3voor12 they described it as “coca disco for bouncing balls…” But it is great too when driving at full throttle over the German highways!


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