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LOOSERS (Portugal)
Rock, space, drone, ceremony and primitive… these are the key words to the Loosers, a trio from Lisbon that have succeeded single-handedly in waking the Portuguese capital from its slumbers. They take their inspiration from the ritual jams of Sun City Girls, the polyrhythmic of No-Neck Blues Band and the post- punk of This Heat.

Ecstatic and improvised psychedelics are the trade mark of Mouthus from New York. The group takes their inspiration from psych noise heroes like Jandek and Fushitsusha. Last year, they toured extensively in the States with Double Leopards, Hair Police and Dead Machines. They return now to tour in Europe with a number of new albums, appearing amongst others on the Ecstatic Peace Label of Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore. You better brace yourself, because this is not going to be an easy ride.

The Norwegian band Supersilent, the showpiece of the flourishing Rune Grammofon label, has an eccentric way of going about their business. They never rehearse, they only come together on the stage to play and their albums are selected live improvisations. They prefer to describe their own sound as ‘no man’s land music’, which is actually quite an adequate term for their unique clash of jazz, electronics, ambient and contemporary composition. Helge Sten wrote in The Wire about the super quartet: “Supersilent have developed a telepathic ability to improvise beyond cliché and sustain a high energy barrage of free playing or brooding meditations transformed by samplers and electronic effects.”


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