Panel Discussion



9 December 2005

Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

The COUCH.CLUB is the place in the Impakt Festival for highlighting the backgrounds of the program. There are lectures about Artists elucidate their ideas and enter into a discussion with each other and with the audience. By showing films, filmmakers explain their inspirations and their way of looking. The also offers artists the opportunity to give demonstrations and ‘sneak previews’. With respect to the music program, there is a small workshop and a special performance concert by Goodiepal from Denmark. For the couch.clubs in ’t Hoogt, the normal entrance fees will be charged, while those in Kikker will be free of charge.

In this, Moniek Toebosch will interview Frans Zwartjes, the doyen of experimental cinema in the Netherlands. While showing an especially compiled film selection, Frans Zwartjes will expound on the development of his work over the years. See also page 15. (The will be in Dutch.)

Mosaik in Vertrauen
Peter Kubelka (Austria, 1955, 16mm, 17:00 min)
A Movie
Bruce Conner (USA, 1958, 16mm, 12:00min)
Sorbet III
Frans Zwartjes (The Netherlands, 1968, 16mm, 6:00 min)
Living (The Netherlands, 1971, 16mm, 15:00 min)

MONIEK TOEBOSCH is a visual artist, filmmaker, actress, and director. As an actress, she has participated in various films by Frans Zwartjes. Since January 2004, she has been the director of Stichting DasArts.

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