8 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
10 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

Colin Powell’s clever powerpoint presentation was the deciding factor on the eve of the second Gulf war. When images are more powerful than bombs, it is high time to start throwing back.

Tony Cokes (USA, 2004, video, 07:09 min)
Animation of a text that discusses the social value of music as a means of channeling violence, before and after its economic profitability.

Jenny Perlin (USA, 2005, video, 05:42 min)
A 16mm stop motion animation, combining the Oxford English Dictionary definition
of the verb ‘amend’ with the index pages of a 1927 book titled ‘The Invert’, and
lists of sodomy laws recently stricken from the books of numerous U.S. states

We are winning don’t forget
Jean-Gabriel Periot (2004, 35mm, 07:00 min)
We are many, we are uniform, we smile on the pictures, but we are NOT happy.

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay & Pascal Lievre (Canada, 2005, video, 04:00 min)
The language of anti-terrorism takes an unexpected form in this seductive propaganda video. Pascal Lièvre and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay’s first collaborative work.

Terror Alert #2
Norman Cowie (USA, 2003, video, 00:48 min)
An experimental video on national insecurities.

Edouard Salier (France, 2005, video, 04:00 min)
The Pax Americana takes care on our peace, ensures our comfort and guarantees our prosperity. An idyllic postcard of the new Empire.

Philippe Meste (FRANCE, 2004, , 03:40 min)
A montage of war images, shots, strikes, nuclear tests, air bombings. Taken from their context and re-edited with utmost precision, these fragments obtain a hypnotic impact.

Jenny Perlin (USA, 2004, video, 02:25 min)
By combining headlines about the war in Iraq with receipts from movie tickets and film rentals Review connects the daily experience of news with the subsequent escape into cinematic entertainment.

Meiro Koizumi (Japan, 2003, video, 07:00 min)
A man comes back to his apartment room and calls his mum on the phone. He confesses that he is in the middle of the war, and takes mum into virtual war space.

L’éclat du mal/The Bleeding Heart of It
Louise Bourque Bourque (Canada, 2005, 35mm, 08:00 min)
The house that bursts; the scene of the crime; the nucleus. A universe collapses on itself: all hell breaks loose.

Rogue state
Dave Griffiths (UK, 2003, video, 02:15 min)
A list of vetoed UN resolutions was hand-inscribed onto DV tape using a magnetic quill. Interpreted by the digital apparatus, these data produced
lawless sonic and visual explosions.

El Moro
Jim Finn (USA, 2004, video, 02:30 min)
“Deep down, we have always suspected there must be some connection between J.R.R. Tolkien, Star Trek, and the rise of the radical Left. Leave it to Jim  Finn to bring it all together.” (New York Underground Film Festival)

Trophy Films
Olga & Alexander Florensky (Russia, 2003, video, 10:00 min)
The film consists of five two-minute microseries, which combine animation, chronicles and fiction episodes. The authors mock at the habitual ‘Image of
enemy’ and play up widely used clichés.

The Fall of Washington
Viacheslav Mizin & Alexander Shaburov (Russia, 2003, video, 04:13 min)
A story about the liberation of America.




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