9 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
11 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

A house is never just a house. The city that seems so obvious by day reveals its true beauty by night.

Let Go Aviary
Sookoon Ang (Singapore, 2004, video, 03:20 min)
With only oneself to mind. Solitary without solitude. Imagination at liberty.

Whereto I Go
J Tobias Anderson (Sweden, 2005, video, 04:46 min)
A video that displays a man’s confrontation with his own self. Thse kinds of meetings are is not always as rewarding as one might have hoped. Classic filmsequences have been re-cut and animated to illustrate this dilemma.

Bernhard Marsch (Germany, 2004, 35mm, 08:31 min)
Just like people houses can sometimes be read like a book. Pictures from the past, failed love affairs and an obsessive urge to collect.

Quoi de neuf Docteur?
Jean-Charles Hue (France, 2004, video, 08:20 min)
A portrait of a French boy who enjoys life to the full: bathing in the garden, keeping out of sight of the police and poaching rabbits at night.

Gloriana Severdija (Germany, 2004, video, 30:40 min)
The colourful mosaic of a night in the city. Berlin. A camera is wandering through the streets, buildings and bars. What are we looking for and what do we find? A rhythmically and beautiful portrait of nocturnal Berlin.

Wolfgang Weileder (UK, 2005, video, 09:42 min)
Over a period of twelve-days two groups of builders simultaneously constructed and deconstructed a series of house shells reminiscent of two interlocking terraces. The process had been synchronized so that the construction and de-construction was choreographed sequentially: The opposite segments of the two terraces slowly moved around each other until House-Birmingham was completed. House-Birmingham explores the relationship between the  temporary and the permanent in architecture as well as investigating the boundaries between process, artwork and documentation.

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