10 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
11 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

Five travelogues which pass through dream landscapes and follow misty coastlines. On our journey, we meet pies in the sky, nervous constructions and sluggish giants.


Mel O’Callaghan (Germany, 2005, video, 17:44 min)
In Somewhere we witness the plight of a group of people who in exile travel somewhere to find themselves nowhere. The scenes appear as both painterly and sculptural. Subtle movements and expressions appear as interruptions to the scene that is set. The video follows their journey in a carriage and by foot through uncertain and threatening landscapes.

Michaela Schwentner (Austria, 2004, video, 06:00 min)
Michaela Schwentner’s Tucker begins with a narrow strip of electronically manipulated images, accompanied by a few synthetic sounds. This is a signal, though it points the wrong direction: Electronic abstraction is hardly the crux of this work. After that the image widens as if it first needed to be released, unleashed. A building is shown, plunged into blurriness, anonymous architecture in an unknown landscape, in the colors green and white with a little blue  and black. The instrumental pop of Viennese band Le Charmant Rouge provides the nervous visual arrangement with a thoroughly relaxed foundation.

Emily Richardson (UK, 2004, video, 20:00 min)
A film of the changing coastline of Scotland, Petrolia portrays a fluid interaction between landscape and population, sea and machine. Filmed in time-lapse, giant oil platforms take beging to ressemble organic forms and our sense of scale is gradually eroded.

Matt Hulse (UK, 2005, video, 09:00 min)
‘Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me’ Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939). All recording is in vain. Replay was conceived and shot by Matt  Hulse in Vienna and Dresden in response to a specially composed soundtrack by David Shea.

Castles of light
Matthias Fritsch (Germany, 2005, video, 19:40 min)
Architecture and Faith have always been connected. A film without commentary focussing on architecture, religion, capitalism and their interconnections. Dreams are being created and sold for millions. We all want to go to heaven.

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