9 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
11 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

There are many forms of love, idolatrous or desolate, as a small quid pro quo or mechanical and lethal…

The black box
Joel Bartolomeo (France, 2004, video, 03:05 min)
Film stills and newspaper pictures tell a new story.

The Paper Wall
Sheila Pye (Canada, 2004, 16mm , 08:30 min)
A man and a woman in separate bedrooms, there ia a thin wall between them. As they go through choreographed gestures, they communicate wordlessly with each other.

Andres Denegri (Argentina, 2005, video, 08:00 min)
She wants to leave. He feels safe there. The barren landscape of the bolivian town of Uyuni is cut by a transmission of Peruvian radio. The tense situation of Latin America is in the violence of the wind.

What I’m Looking For
Shelly Silver (USA, 2004, video, 15:00 min)
A woman sets out to photograph moments of intimacy in public space. She takes to hanging out with her camera on the streets of NYC, and since so much of the social has moved to the Internet, she starts approaching people through a profile on an Internet dating service. In this ad she states ‘I am looking for people who would like to be photographed in public revealing something of themselves’.

Martin Brand
(Germany, 2004, video, 06:53 min)
“It was a paradise for us. You could take a boy when you fancied him, and when you were fed up with one of them, you just took the next one. I knew, for  instance, that Micha had a crush on me. He was really cute. He used to carry my bag, fetch things for me and stuff like that. One day I whispered into his ear that he could screw me for this. He flushed, and then he laughed…”

A heart lies beneath
Erin Cosgrove (USA, 2003, video, 07:56 min)
An ironic reflection on terrorism as a trendy fashion article and on the mythologisation around the Rote Armee Fraktion.

Rocco Never Dies
Federico Solmi (USA, 2005, video, 04:00 min)
Federico Solmi’s fantasy about being Rocco Sifreddi, the super-celebrity, fellow- Italian porn star.

Murder & UFOs
Brian MacDonald (Canada, 2005, video, 20:00 min)
An anti-biographical film about the death of Marilyn Monroe and her relationships with the Kennedy’s and mobster, Sam Giancana. Starring the Marilyn and Kennedy’s themselves with a special appearance by aliens!

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