9 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
11 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

Artists wander the globe and focus on remarkable phenomena, the power of the masses, traces of the past and the volatile presence of what could be extraterstrial life forms.

13 ou 14
Jan Peters (France, 2004, video, 22:10 min)
An expert in personal film diaries, German film maker Jan Peters films and comments on chance situations in which he has found himself in the course of his peregrinations. The film tackles the relationship that the artist and his family have with France, using material from the national archive.

Reynold Reynolds (Germany, 2005, 35mm, 14:00 min)
The depiction of Reynolds personal perspective of his current home-town, Berlin. “We read the streets with our feet” as he puts it himself. He sets of on a  poetic journey through the city, captures various remarkable spots with his 16mm camera and combines them in juxtaposed images.

Ballad of the Flag
Caraballo-Farman (Argentina, 2003, video, 03:30 min)
This video was recorded at a particular time in a particular place but it could have been in any number of places, at other times in history. It could have been the fans of the opposing team, supporters of a different cause, members of a different tribe. By manipulating time, this video evokes both the dangers  and the power and euphoria of these states of collective existence.

Jutojo (Germany, 2004, video, 15:11 min)
An abandoned radar station in the forest. Cupolas dance to the crescendo of a violin in the rubble, a trip inside leads into the future of the past, compressed images and visions dissolve into the wide open.

Reason Is A Name Given To Collective Thought
Caraballo-Farman (Argentina, 2003, video, 02:30 min)
An abstracted video image of a cheering crowd whose heads and hands dissolve into a cascade of confetti. See also Ballad of the Flag.

Sound of Microclimates
Semiconductor (UK, 2004, video, 10:00 min)
The Sound of Microclimates reveals the sights and sounds of a series of unusual weather patterns in the Paris of today. Here, architecture has become interwoven with the natural processes of the geographical landscape. Set within the unnoticed moments in time, extreme microclimates are presented as the future in city accessories, revealing the unseen urban terrains of tomorrow.

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