9 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
11 December 2005
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

There’s no limit to what art might bring about: theft, revolution, schizophrenic situations and an immense outburst of laughter.

Specialized Technicians Required: being Luis Porcar
Manual Saiz (UK, 2005, video , 01:30 min)
Luis Porcar, a well known Spanish dubbing actor, speaks about his work of dubbing the voices of Hollywood actors into Spanish. He explains to the camera that the artist Manuel Saiz asked him to shoot this video with the aim of requesting a famous actor to dub Porcar into English again. Apparently this famous actor agreed to cooperate.

Looking for Alfred
Johan Grimonprez (Belgium, 2005, video, 10:03 min)
Obsessed with de/reconstructing our corrupted visions of media, celebrity and appearance, Johan Grimonprez assembled a bewildering gaggle of  Hitchcock lookalikes.

Definitions of Art
Yuri A (Switzerland, 2004, video, 05:11 min)
Five people state their definition of art.

Augustin Gimel (Germany, 2004, video, 09:30 min)
A Body composed of thousands bodies, freed from materiality and gravity.

Original Pirate Material
Silvia Goetz (Germany, 2004, video, 03:46 min)
Original Pirate Material is a pirate video. It is about the raiders of the seven seas, the rascal of the Caribbean and about fear and dread in the fog of fright.

Perpetual Motion
AL + AL (UK, 2004, video, 07:00 min)
James Brown is a retired engineer and inventor living in the north of England. The film re-fabricates his lifelong endeavours to break the law of physics and create a perpetual motion device.

Microfiche: Diamond Trade
David Phillips & Paul Rowley (USA, 2004, video, 05:00 min)
On the night of the 27th of April, 1974, members of an armed IRA gang stole nineteen paintings from Russborough House worth a total of £8 million, including works by Gainsborough, Vermeer, and Velásquez. The gang demanded the return of Irish republican prisoners from England as well as £500,000 in ransom money. In this work, the genealogy of this event is traced using the now outdated library microfiche image archiving system.

Hito Steyerl (Austria, 2004, video, 25:00 min)
Using film fragments varying from Russ Meyer to Sergei Eisenstein and Constantin Costa-Gavras, Steyerl gives a fascinating exposition on the ways art and terrorism use, abuse and inspire each other. Furthermore, Steyerl emphatically addresses the personal dilemmas that can result from an artist’s
political involvement.

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