Audio Picnics

24 August 2006
— 27 August 2006

Location: Centraal Museum

Settle down on a blanket in the soft grass of the Centraal Museum’s garden and take your time to enjoy the four exquisite compositions that have been made especially for Impakt’s Audio Picnics. There is food available, so you can have your own ‘déjeuner sur l’herbe’, a lunch that is likely to be a late breakfast for those who have been so prudent as to enjoy the Friday and Saturday night concerts in Tivoli de Helling to the full.

Gustav (Austria)

Gustav is a project by the young Austrian musician Eva Jantschitsch. Her music betrays her background as an art student. It is electronic music with the structures and vocals of pop music that has been made by an arty feminist. Her influences vary from Brian Eno to Daniel Johnston or Laurie Anderson, and she has often been compared – against her will – to Björk. She is currently working on a sequel to her successful album ‘Rettet Die Wale’. Expect female charms, tongue in cheek and maybe a careful dance step.

Michael Northam (USA)

When Michael Northam was given a tape recorder as a kid, he started to wonder about the concept of ‘sound’ and especially about the sound of an environment and how you can share that sound with others. Many years later, Northam still strives for a spontaneous, intuitive attitude. You are guaranteed to get lost in Northam’s amazing and delightful quadraphonic sound world.

Aaron Spectre (Germany)

Aaron Spectre from Germany, who will also perform on Saturday night with his Drumcorps project, makes electronica with a warped soul, fragile melodies that are sprinkled with urban grit, arousing both melancholy and irritation. For Impakt, he has composed a special melodic lunch set.

Lucky Dragons (USA)

Lucky Dragons is a one-man project by Luke Fischbeck from Providence that mixes concrete music, evaporated melodies, soft glitches and indie rock. Luke Fischbeck uses this musical brew to enter into an interaction with the audience, often enabling listeners to influence the sound directly. This pleasantly weird music offers you the chance to show your talents as an instant virtuoso.


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