Friday Party: Stripped

25 August 2006

Location: TivoliVredenburg

The death of minimalism has been announced time and again, ever since it was first born. It only goes to show how resilient this movement in music really is. Minimalism is here to stay. On Friday, Impakt will focus on minimal dance music, which is currently on its way up again, thanks in part to the re-releases of the Säkho label from Finland. A general overview.

(in collaboration with interZone)


Sleeparchive comes from Germany, so he knows all about minimal techno. Raised on a diet of Kraftwerk, Joy Division and Basic Channel, he chose to delve into the latter, which resulted in a fresh interpretation of the dark and the minimal. He has been compared to the early Jeff Mills and to Plastikman. As a label and an artist, he is still going strong. The digital and the analogue go hand in hand in his work. He combines deep basses with warm delays, the perfect recipe for a mellow dance night.

PAN SONIC (Finland)

Pan Sonic was called Panasonic long ago, but they didn’t really like that in Japan, although they were into electronics there too. Pan Sonic didn’t change their concept, however. They can be considered the godfathers of minimal. Their first records were nothing short of revolutionary when they first came out. Their music combines the sounds that come out of their home-made instruments, analogue recordings, full blast basses, drones and hypnotising patterns of beeps into fascinating electro minimalism, that is sometimes subtle and sometimes industrial and raw.


A minimal techno artist from the new generation. Ilar comes from the Berlin label Shitkatapult and has that typical Berlin sound. He has a taste for melody and minimal beats and a special eye for details.

ODJ HARRI & TG (Finland) – DJ SET

The representatives and bosses of the infamous Sähko label from Finland. Lovely dance tracks, with a strong tendency towards old school acid.

DJ T (The Netherlands) – DJ SET

DJ T is the founder of InterZone from Utrecht, with which he organised many successful parties. He educated his audience with his clear preference for minimal techno with an edge.

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