Panorama 14: Art Will Feed Itself

25 August 2006
Location: Louis Hartlooper Complex
27 August 2006
Location: Louis Hartlooper Complex

Nothing seems to inspire artists as much as the art itself. And there is nothing wrong with that, especially not when the original is given a whole new turn. From a naked interview with Lars von Trier to a found footage sequence that analyses the meaning of the mirror in film history.

Rebelion en la Pulperia – Ruben Guzman
(ARGENTINA 2006, video, 02:54 min)

Camera One Wester Park – Jill Magid
(THE NETHERLANDS 2005, video, 11:00 min)

A Conversation with Lars von Trier – Eva Ziemsen
(CANADA 2005, video, 12:00 min)

Ask the Insects – Steve Reinke
(CANADA 2006, video, 08:08 min)

Two Women and a Man – Roee Rosen
(ISRAEL 2005, video, 16:00 min)

La camera – Rä di Martino
(ITALY 2006, video, 10:00 min)

Kristall – Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet (GERMANY 2006, 35mm film, 14:30 min)

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