Panorama 6: On Moving

23 August 2006
Location: Centraal Museum
25 August 2006
Location: Centraal Museum

The movements of our sailing cinema will be doubled by the films in this program. We start out quietly with a train compartment (or is it a bicycle?), which is followed by some sightseeing in South-Africa, Brazil and Russia. After a deathly ride over the American highway, the program ends with helicopter images of enchanting beauty.

“We’ll revisit the scenes of our youth” – Jason Dee
(UNITED KINGDOM 2004, video, 02:00 min)

Route to Cape Town – Wolfgang Lehmann & Thomas Gerwin (GERMANY 2005, video, 05:17 min)

Dormente – Joel Pizzini
(BRAZIL 2005, 35mm > video, 14:45 min)

Luukkaankangas – updated, revisited – Dariusz Kowalski
(AUSTRIA 2004, video, 08:00 min)

Das Modell – Florian Gwinner
(GERMANY 2006, video, 06:14 min)

Collage – Stina Wirfelt
(SWEDEN 2004, video, 07:25 min)

Fast, Faster, Fastest (American Attrition) – Brian Block
(USA 2005, video, 14:54 min)

Site Specific_Las Vegas 05 – Olivo Barbieri
(USA 2005, 35mm > video, 12:30 min)

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